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Milano Innovation District

Project duration

1 month

March 2021


Milan, Italy

Project Modality

Team project

MIND Call 4-Ideas.. II Place in Competition

The  given brief aimed to create a licensing strategy for MIND (Milan Innovation District).  We ran an analysis of the main aspects, values , and traits of the project.


After it, we collected all the information needed, we defined our main layer of action onto which we grounded the short, mid and long-term strategy: to create a sustainable future for next generations by leveraging on education and digitalization.

We select three licensee partners for each time frame and for each we develop a strategy guided by the values of MIND. 


My design process

design process mind_2x.png

MIND SWOT Analysis

swot 1.jpg
swot 2.jpg
swot 3.jpg
swot 4.jpg

MIND the planet strategy

strategy 1.jpg
strategy 2.jpg

Minecraft concept storyboard


TrixyBlox is a popular Minecraft YouTuber.

TrixyBlox uploads a new video with the version of Minecraft MIND World.

Matteo love watching TrixyBlox  videos for ideas of building new worlds and new updates. 

Matteo starts looking Minecraft education web page because the sustainable topics. He discovers MIND World Italy in the Marketplace,


Matteo  buys the MIND World game and he is so excited because his new world.

He begins to build his district and in this way he is learning about a more sustainable city.

Matteo feels happy because he is learning while playing.

Matteo created the MIND district and he feels proud of himself and want to go one day to the real Milan Innovation District.

LARGAS SB-01.jpg

Treedom concept storyboard


Massimo is looking Intagram stories and see one of his favorites actor that is also a Treedom Brand Ambassador.

He is wondering what is Treedom.

He goes to Treedom’s web page and after that he feels the desire to plant a tree.

In Treedoms’ web page he discovers the package option.

SB 4_2x.png

He starts reading about the project and then he buys 3 trees in Africa for helping the community there and because he wants a tree in his city, Milan.

After buying the trees he discovered how big MIND Urban Forest is.

And that the MIND Forest is around the World, and he belong to that community.

SB 5_2x.png
SB 6_2x.png

Massimo is wondering when he can go to MIND and visit his tree.

Massimo goes to Milan Innovation District to visit his tree, he is amazed of MIND Forest and the innovation distric. He feels a part of that community even if he doesn't live in the district.

LARGAS SB-03.jpg

Impactscool concept storyboard


Alessio is a Brand Ambassador of Impactscool. He goes to a school to explain to students MIND Future Camp.

The school is interested on subscribing their students in MIND Future Camp.

In Impactscools’ web page they discovered the sustainability and the city of the future courses. They make the inscription for the students.


Students feel exited the first day in the MIND Future Camp. They do a lot of activities and create new proposals, concepts and ideas for the city of the future.

They learn about sustainability in different classes and workshops with other students for creating new ideas.


The MIND Future camp is over but Giuliana feels happy because she learn a lot.

After attending to the MIND Future camp she receives a Certificate.

THANK YOU_2x.png

Thank you!

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